A New Path – Stepping off the Yellow Brick Road

Most of our lives we have followed the path set before us. From  school to college, to graduate school, to career, then car, home, and children. We like to call this path the Yellow Brick Road. While staying on the Yellow Brick Road has not been without risk, it has largely been known and  predictable–comfortable, if at times routine.

And while we have come to many intersections along the way, we have not strayed from the Yellow Brick Road. Now, however, we stop, pause, and  consider.  Should we continue down this path? There is no fork in the road, pushing us to choose one direction from another. There is only the knowledge that if we continue down this path, the one we have traveled thus far, we know where it will lead.

There is no off ramp here, no merge lane, or rest area. But we are ready for a change, ready for a challenge, ready for uncertainty and excitement. So, we are stepping off of the Yellow Brick Road and making our path through the world.

Won’t you join us along the way?

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  1. Create a new path, it’s the only way! Excited to tune into your adventures, I’m sure you’ll find great things!

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